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LCDs, as they are widely used in portable electronic devices (e.g. PDAs, notebook computers, mobile phones, etc.) do not only represent the visual "man-machine interface" (functional aspect), they also are the "face" of the device (cosmetic aspect). In order to satisfy both functional and cosmetic requirements, the LC-display has to be designed carefully according to the application and its operational parameters have to be evaluated in detail under realistic ambient conditions (i.e. tempertaure, illumination) to assure an optimum performance and appearance of the electronic device.

Optimization of LCD visual performance is only possible with adequate measuring instrumentation; the manufacturer of LCDs needs a feedback from metrology in his R&D department and for QA-purposes while manufacturers of electronic devices that incorporate LCDs have to establish e.g. optimum driving conditions for the displays used in the final product. The match of ordering specifications and the physical properties of the delivered displays can only be checked via appropriate measuring techniques.

If a system has to be equipped with flat panels, a lot of questions will appear. Which display is needed for the pursued object? Which driving or graphic board is required? Which technology is available, compatible and has future prospects?

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