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 Portable low-frequency comp. the electroprospecting device for work in conditions of industrial handicapes and complex grounding


Low-frequency comp. the electroprospecting device is intended for realization of engineering & geological researches, detection and traking of underground industrial networks, revealing of a site undergraund  of structures and athers of objects.

Area of application:

·        Definition of specific electrical resistance of geoelectrical cuts(sections) by a method of resistance with installations prohf. and sounding;

·        Areas engineering & geological researches;

·        Definition of the characteristics surfases on their electrical conductivity under the bases of buildings and structures;

·        Measurement of resistance groundings;

·        Detection and traking of water and sewer highways, underground communications, power cables, lines of telephone and alarm communication(connection), including method of a charge;

·        Definition of a site of infringements of isolation of metal pipelines by registration of activity of corrosion processes;

·        Searches arheol.  objects.

Brief parameters of the device:


Working frequencies of the equipment, Hz       0; 0.625; 1.25; 2.5; 5; 10; 20;           


Resolution , mV                    0.01;     

Range of target currents of generators, mA                    0.5 200;               

Capacity, Wt          20         

Devicedefines   parameter q, Om, being the attitude of meanings of an entrance pressure device to a target current of the generator on working frequency.                            

Range of definition of parameter q, Om  in limits                          5*10-33.86*103   

The basic relative error of definition of parameter q no more, %                  2           

The basic relative error of measurement of pressure(voltage) on frequency 0 Hz at amplitude of entrance signals not less than 10 mV no more, %        2           

Entrance active resistance  device,  mOm       10         

Suppression of handicapes with frequency 50 Hz not less, dB     80         

Target pressure(voltage) of the generator, not less, In    250       

The built - in memory provides record and storage of readout, not less.     2048     

Pressure(voltage) of a feed(meal) of the device, In         12         

Dimensions:          320х250х250 mm             

Weight:  about 5 kg           

The device allows to carry out
 data processing in a field


The electroprospecting equipment


Computer aided capacitor deice of resistance "Electrotest -TI " is intended for fast electrical prophil. , and also can be used at sounding a cut for reception of representations about its geoelectrical characteristics. The equipment serves for the decision engineering of geological and geoecological tasks at depth of researches up to several tens meters.

The equipment can work with various lines - aerials, including capacitor, ensuring an opportunity of measurements from snow and ice covers, from a surface frozen of a ground, from an asphalt covering, and also on dry sand and dry clay fields.

Structure of a complete set of the equipment:

  • The block of the generator with the built - in source of the power supplies ensuring stabilized target current;
  •  Comp. the block device, allowing to remember fild dates of size of signals for a long-term storage and subsequent transfer in PC;
  • Complete set of reception and transmitting aerials

The basic characteristics:

Working frequency 16550 Hz

Resolution device 0,1 V

Target currents of the generator (peak) 1 mA, 3 mA, 10 mA, 30 mA

The maximal peak meaning of a target voltage of the generator, not less 400 V

Target capacity of the generator at a symmetric output, no more 10 pF

Range of entrance signals device 0.5 - 2*106 V

Entrance impedance device at a symmetric input C < 10 pF

Volume of stored readout, not less 2000