Trade Consult Service

The activity of Trade Consult Service is dedicated for foreign businessmen interested in exploring the market opportunities in Russia.

For this our Agency specializes on execution of researches in various economic sectors of Russia.

TCS can assist you to sort out your business-related problems in Russia, advise on opportunities for your business as well as will provide any relevant business information.

Consulting on business issues includes:

- Information on all economic and legislative issues, taxation etc.

- Credit application, investment and grant projects

- Provision of information on all operating local and / or foreign credit organizations, foundations and banks.

The business planning assistance includes:

- General description of production cycle and the project

- Marketing plan (parties in business, market study, competition analysis etc.)

- Production plan (manufacturing cycle, quality control, standardization etc.)

- Management structure staff's rights and obligations

- Financial plan and analysis (profit and loss accounting, cash flow forecasts, breakeven analysis, other indices and ratios)

- Promotion of business plans and presentation material.

Our task is to help you in current enterprise's operations and planning of its further activities are priorities for business consultants.

TCS will help to your company in following field:

- Development of the strategic and detail marketing plans of the company on all directions of marketing activity:

- Increase of sales volumes in the existing markets;

- Expansion segments of consumption and exploration of new markets;

- Introduction of the new goods (services);

- Exclusive types of marketing.

- We analyse outcomes obtained during research and on its basis develop the proposal on indispensable marketing measures.

Other services include:

- Search of equipment internally and/or abroad

- Analysis of financial reports and services in terms of taxation, import\export transactions, staff training etc.

- Monitoring of current projects and recommendations to all parties involved

- Marketing strategy development, as well as company's image and reputation.

All consulting is made in German, English and Russian languages.